The waiting is the hardest part

Just wanted to provide an update for anyone that might be interested.

In terms of time-line we’re currently approaching the middle of the “two year” development phase that was to begin November 2018 and be delivered in November of 2020. Although somewhat apprehensive about sharing this, I’m going to provide a little detail here about the progress and communications. This is not with the intent of offending the builder nor scaring anyone off but in the interest of sharing our reality. While the lack of progress thus far causes us to have our moments of nervousness we are still confident things will get done very close to the original time-frame that we were promised. This is not a rant just reality and while it may sound unnerving to some we remain confident this was the right decision for us and look forward to our Blue House dream becoming reality!

Back in December of 2018, about a month after putting a significant investment down we received email correspondence from the broker to expect regular updates every two weeks. That never happened. About three months later, in February 2019, we noticed one of the web-sites had a new project completion date quoted of February 2021. We reached out to the broker about the new date and they assured us things were on track and this date was still within the 90 day “no-penalty” buffer they had built in to our contract. We had sort of expected that would be the case so no big deal.

Later in February we received another email from the broker telling us we’d receive updates every two weeks. We never received any update so in March, we mentioned to our Realtor (Luis) that we hadn’t heard anything, weren’t angry or anything but just curious if things were still on track. He reached out on our behalf and got a quick response that construction hadn’t started but they would start excavation in 20 days and delivery was still on schedule. About 30 days later, in April, we asked whether we could see some pictures of the excavation process. They replied quickly that we would be sent pictures later that month and then continue to see updates every 30-40 days thereafter but again, nothing.

We gave it another month and then in May we reached out letting them know we realized it was still very early in the development process but would appreciate pictures or regular updates they had been promising. To us, ANY progress update would have made us feel much better. As always, we did get a quick response but no photos.  The reason we were given was they wanted to wait until more progress had been made. Our contact promised she would personally take photos and send them soon but, nothing.

In early June we inquired again and received a response saying we’d receive an update in 1-2 weeks. We chuckled to ourselves, “won’t be holding our breathe”. We understood this is Mexico but were getting a little frustrated in the lack of updates we had been promised. We understood (and still do) things don’t always go to plan but just wanted to see some current photos. Even if they only included minimal progress it would have been something. In late June we posted on a Facebook “PA group” a casual request for some photo’s of the building site from anyone who might be in the area and passing by. Within a day or two we received multiple responses with photo’s – awesome! Some clearing had begun, there was an excavator on site and truly that was enough to put our minds at ease.

So here we are nearing August 2019. It has been 10 months since construction was to start and still haven’t received any of the regular updates nor photos we were promised. That being said and maybe inexplicably, we are not panicked have confidence they will deliver. Time will tell…

[received and update as of 7/31/2019: here]


One thought on “The waiting is the hardest part

  1. Remember that God is always working behind the scenes to make everything right. Even if we do not see things with our natural eyes, God is still on the throne and moving things along for your benefit. I believe son.


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